Call for Application
The MC2 project is looking for Egyptian startups to join the incubation cycle, during which the participants who are change-makers in the field of sustainable development will be provided with a support and guidance program.

About MC2
The Green Economy: a promising future for Egypt. The overall objective of the MC2 project is to empower sustainable and circular economy in Egypt and accelerate transition to UN2030 Sustainable Development Goals boosting the adoption of green technology-based solutions and the development of eco-innovative enterprises.

Integration in the project

Environmental enterprises play a crucial role in enriching and integrating the project through three main interventions:

Think Tank: enterprises will work closely with the MC2 Think Tank members in order to create mutual learning experiences, coaching, and mentoring technopreneurs.

GTER Hub: the Green Technopreneurship Hub at the Heliopolis University in Cairo will be accessible to the MC2 participants and serves as a workspace, and hosting meetings.

E-learning platform: a platform specially designed to provide educational and training materials for all the sustainable development field change-makers.

Beneficiaries will be supported with EURO 10K as initial financing for start-ups and sub-financing for the project in order to advance their start-ups, in addition to technical support for abilities development, and it includes:
  • Mentorship program
  • Business & technical assistance from field experts
  • Study visits to several European union countries
  • Equipped office space
  • Fabrication facilities and labs in the incubator
  • Networking with investment and financing agencies and potential clients....etc
  • Invitations to attend exhibitions and conferences.
  • Legal support
  • Other support perks

Commitment required of participants
If your start-up is selected to become a change-maker in the field of sustainable development, you are committed to the following:
• Follow up on the incubation program
• Attend training and guidance programs
• Participate in all activities, whether online or offline/live.

The business idea should target sustainability challenges, and in one of the following industrial sectors: Cement, Food/Agricultural, Automotive including steel parts, Weavers, and Textile. Also, the goal for your project could be targeting energy efficiency in general, or targeting a sector that has been identified in the areas of agriculture and textiles. - find a list of all the specific fields in the form -.

Selection Criteria
  • Not to be involved with other incubation programs during the incubation period.
  • To have a team of 2-3 people, and one of them is fully committed to the program.
  • To be available as a team in Cairo during the incubation stage.

Application Process
The application process requires several steps and documents. All can be submitted via an online form available in English and Arabic. Deadline for entries is midnight on the 23/12/22.

The application requirements are:
  • online form survey
  • optional: short video (2-3 minutes)
  • optional: sustainable business model canvas (template available).

Selected applications will be shortlisted and notified about their nominations. After another selection round the final winners will be announced and invited to start their incubation journey, which is planned to start in February 2023 and last till the end of the year.

Uploaded files will be shared outside the organization they belong to.

Founders Information

Full Name
Email Address
Phone Number (WhatsApp Number)
Educational Status
LinkedIn Profile Link

Second Co-Founder

Full Name
Email Address
Phone Number (WhatsApp Number)
Educational Status
LinkedIn Profile Link

Third Co-Founder

Full Name
Email Address
Phone Number (WhatsApp Number)
Educational Status
LinkedIn Profile Link

Profile Startup

Startup Name
Legal Form
Established date
Number of Founders
The company's website (if available)
Social Media Links (if available)
Your green startup current stage
Which sector are you targeting?
Your Startups work on:
What type of product you are building?

Your Business Model

What product/service are you building in one sentence?
Describe the problem that you are solving in one sentence and how your idea / Startup solve it.
Describe your business model including your Value proposition, Targeted customers, and Marketing channels
What have you achieved so far when it comes to your idea/social startup? List your 3 most important achievements
What are the challenges you are currently facing?
What are your revenue streams and your cost structure?
What makes your project/solution valuable and innovative?
How did you validate your idea or prototype so far?
Please attach a pitch deck (if available)
Please attach a supportive video (if available)


Please tell us all about how your start-up or business idea contributes to making the world a better and greener place.

What is the social and/or environmental challenge you are trying to address through your idea/social startup?
What specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) does your idea/social startup support?

Your Market

Please describe your specific product/service market better.

Who are your competitors? Please classify them as local and international.
What have you accomplished till now? Revenues/ Customer Numbers?
What has been your source of funding until now? And what are your plans to secure funding?
What are your growth plans?

Team Info

Please provide some information about your start-up's founders.

How many full-time members are on the team?
How long have you been working as a team?
What relevant experience does the team have in the field they are operating in?
Has your green startup or one any founder won or participated in any other competitions, awards, or incubation programs, or received a loan or fund before? If yes, please explain.


You almost made it! Please share some more insights with us and then we'll keep our fingers crossed for your selection as a change maker!

What do you hope to achieve from joining the MC2 incubation cycle?
How did you hear about us?
We commit that there will be at least one member fully dedicated to working on the project. if we have been accepted into the program.
We are committed to attending program related activities and submitting required documents and reports on time. If we are accepted at the program
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